What pressure does my compressor produce and is it dangerous?

The compressor that Enraf-Nonius delivers is specially set on 9.5 bar continuous, for using the EN-Dynamic equipment. If you would like to use a central air conduction system, we can verify the suitability of it.
Is this pressure dangerous?
For comparison, a bottle of champagne is dimensioned on 6 bar. An espresso machine delivers 9 bar of pressure. So, you can say that the pressure that is delivered by a compressor is substantial, but not huge.
Should you ever draw loose an air tube while the compressor delivers pressure, a considerable bang will follow, but you don’t have to be afraid for an explosion.

Which equipment can be controlled by EN-Track?

1: EN-Dynamic, power- / training equipment which are in our catalogue
2: EN-Cardio, the cardio equipment which are in our catalogue
3: EN-Tree P, air pulley
4: EN-Free, computerization of all free exercises which are present in your practice

Which regular maintenance does my compressor need?

Your compressor is largely maintenance-free. There are two attention points:

1. Is there still enough oil in the engine?

To check this you have to look into the glass eye of the compressor. There are two lines, one on min. and one on max, and the oil-level should be between those lines. If that is not the case, the oil has to be filled up. For the precise description of the filling up, please look into the service-manual of the compressor. (this manual can also be down-loaded).

2. Is there any condense in the pressure drum?

There is the possibility that your pressure drum will fill with condense water out of the area. In the long run, this can harm the air cylinders. We advise you to open the pressure drum valve regularly (please hold a cup under the valve outlet to catch any expelled fluid).

What does "- - - -" mean on my display?

Probably there is a leagage in the system. You can continue with the training, but please contact the service-dept., telephone no +31 (0)10 20 30 666.

How do I adjust the date in my equipment?

By using EN-Track. Please go into the main screen, enter a chip-card in the reader and describe the chip-card with the keyboard short-cut Ctrl-F8. Take this chip-card to the units (excluding the mill) and enter the chip-card  in the unit. Remove the chip-card from the unit and the date is set.