Software & computer

Which system requirements are necessary for an optimal functioning?

- (Windows XP Professional), Windows 7 and Windows 10 (32- en 64-bit)
- Modern computer which is currently available
- CD-R/RW drive
- VGA monitor
- A printer according to your wishes, powered by your Windows version
In order to obtain EN-Track a  full version of the EN-Track installation CD with EN-Track 6 v6.30 has to be purchased.

What is a licence?

A license will give you the right to make use of the software. The only upgrades we deliver to the system are discovered technical imperfections which has been recovered.
This license is separate from all supportive services (on-line and on-site) that can be deliverd by Enraf-Nonius. The licence is not a service-contract.
To guarantee the continuity in your software, we strongly advise you to enter into a service-contract.

Remove current licence after illegal date change

Below you find the procedure of removing the current EN-Track license in order to fall back to the evaluation periode because of an illegal date change, and EN-Track is blocked.
To start EN-Track again, set de date forward to the (erronous) future date.
Start EN-Track with both SHIFT and CTRL keys pressed, the licence dialog will show.
Remove the licence by slececting the option "Licence removal" and entering the activation code.
Press on "CONTINU", the licence will be removed.
IMPORTANT: Adjust PC-date to the correct date of today
Start EN-Track, it will use the evaluation licence again, which gives you 30 day to apply for a new one.

Is it possible to have a service-agreement on the EN-Track software?

Yes, it is possible. A team developers of Enraf-Nonius is continuously busy with the newest developments on EN-Track; considerably on the basis of remarks and wishes of the EN-Track users.

With this service-agreement you will have the following benefits:
- Yearly a new release of EN-Track with all functional extensions
- Using the helpdesk (on-line and on-site) for EN-Track applications
- Software service-releases (put right of the discovered programming errors)
- Participation on the possibilities of developments

The trainings-date on my screen is not correct

Unfortunately, one of the devices of the EN-Track system has the wrong date in it. You can use the service-card to correct the date.
See also the FAQ: How do I correct the date in my device?