What is an auto-adjustable protocol?

Please see the EN-Track instructions (F1)
Protocol progress auto-adjustable
In an auto-adjustable protocol, the resistance setting will correspond to the beforehand established values (the stated value), provided that the client changes the resistance during a training session (the realized value). In that case the changed value will be accepted as the starting value for the next session This will be adjusted automatically by the protocol.
Note 1: the automatic adjustment will result in a new ‘stated’ value.
This new ‘stated’ value will be handled until it is comparable to the old ‘stated’ value of the protocol. After that it will proceed with the old protocol. 
Note 2: the automatic adjustment will only take place when the realized value is higher than the stated value; should the realized value be lower than the stated value, then automatically adjustment will not take place, otherwise a regression of the protocol will occur.
Note 3: automatic adjustment will be done on serial level: when the resistance will be raised in the second series then it will also be raised in the second series during the next session and not in the first or third-one.