How can EN-Track be installed in a network environment

The standard directory is “[c:\program files\enraf-nonius\entrackv6\database]”.
In case you want to use EN-Track in an network environment you need to do the following:
- on one of the computers a shared resource needs to be created.
- on all other PC's this location should be used as the database directory. The location resourcename should be entered manually in accordance with the following format: UNC of the resource: \\[PC_NAME]\[RESOURCE NAME]


The name of the  PC is REHABPRACTICE and the share-name of the database directory
“c:\Program Files\Enraf-Nonius\EnTrack\Database”

In that case the UNC name will be: “\\PRAKTIJK\DB_ENTRACK”
This name should be entered in all EN-Track programmes that will use this database (so even the program that is installed at the same machine as the database itself!)

The network function under a Windows 2000 or XP Prof. operating system.
For more information about networkresources and terminology we refer to the Windows Help function on internet connections.