What is the Conconi-test?

In contrast with the above-mentioned tests, which all make an estimation of the VO2-max, the Conconi-test is trying to prescribe the so-called turning-point. Due to acidification, the pace in which the VO2-max will be reached is not sustainable.

Well trained endurance sportsmen are capable of sporting on a high percentage of the VO2-max namely 90-95%. For less trained sportsmen this percentage is lower. Passing this percentage or turning-point the tiredness will pound soon. This is what they call the anaërobe barrier, the acidification point or the turning point. Years ago, the Italian Conconi developed a method in which the load is slowly increased whilst continually monitoring the heart-beat of the testee. Initially, the heartbeat and load will rise steadily, but when reaching the maximum load, the testee can injure,  the heartbeat will level off.
The point of deviation is called the Conconi-point and marks the maximum heart-rate the testee can achieve.