What is a RM-test?

Maximum strength test (1 RM)

In order to compile a trainings program for a candidate, it's important to have a good impression of his or hers strength.
The maximum strength a person can give during a certain exercise is important information for compiling a training program.
Maximum strength is understood to mean the capacity to perform a certain exercise correctly, with maximum weight, for only one more time.
This value is called the 1 Repetition Maximum, short 1 RM.
This maximum strength test has to be performed separately, before every exercise. The maximum strength test means to make a careful estimation of the maximum strength you can perform. Then you can perform a maximum number of repetitions with some lower resistance. However, the fewer repetitions that are performed, the more accurate the estimation of 1 RM will be. Exhaustion will be eliminated as much as possible. After that, with help of the registered number of repetitions, you can, using the Holten diagram, calculate what percentage of the maximum force was used.